network printing on samba

Kevin Chan kkc at
Wed Sep 20 15:41:37 GMT 2000

Hi, I just need a bit of help with the printing setup on samba...

Right now, my company is in the midst of being relocated for a week and I 
have been trying to set up a network printer which is in a different subnet 
from the samba server with little success.  I have added an entry in the 
/etc/printcap file, specifying where the printer is and have modified the 
smb.conf configurations as well.  I was just wondering if I missed anything 
that anyone can see.

The printer is setup correctly and the IP address on it has been 
verified.  Also, the samba server works fine since logging onto it from the 
remote subnet is also posing no problems.

Thanks in advance,
Kevin Chan

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