Odp: Samba-Ldap

Rafał Szcześniak rszczesniak at mis.com.pl
Wed Sep 20 08:42:33 GMT 2000

And by the way, a little explanation of sambaAccount params ...


"paco cornejo" <impaco at mixmail.com>
00-09-19 11:09

        Do:     rszczesniak at mis.com.pl
        Temat:  Samba-Ldap
dn: uid=pepe, o=ELMONTE 
objectclass: sambaAccount 
uid: pepe 
lmpassword: pepe <-------------how to ecrypt? 
ntpassword: pepe 
pwdlastset: <---------- which value? 
You needn't touch this. Every password change
affects this.

groupid: 200 
pwdmustchange: ffffffff <---- ż?ż? 
This enforces password changing at first logon.

ntuid: pepe 
accflags: [U ] <--------what is this? 
It defines ordinary user account.
For example: W would be for workstation trust account.

gidnumber: 1 <---- the same as gorup in /etc/group 
uidnumber: 1005 <---the same as /etc/passwd 
rid: 1f4 <---------How i get the rid? 
Samba generates this automatically, starting from
first available number in current domain.
It's NT-specific parameter.


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