Mandatory Roaming Profile (was: no subject)

eirvine eirvine at
Tue Sep 19 23:41:45 GMT 2000

Burcin Onur Ozer wrote:
> Hi,my first email from a student in an university.
> I want to make a  MANDOTARY ROAMING profile on my linux samba redhat6.2
> server for 1000 students.This profile will be the default profile for all
> students.When I want to change the profile , I will change from my pc and
> all the students will see the new profile easily.
> Although I did everything , the result is a lot of errors , Mr. Dr-Watson
> on nt_ws_4.0 .
You might need to supply a little more info than this.
This first thing I'd look at is file permissions on your Samba box.
You might also want to look at the samba logs. 

> Is there a solution for my SMALL problem
> thanx everybody
> burcin onur ozer
> metu-civil engineering
> burcin at

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