Jody Haynes Jody.Haynes at isunnetworks.com
Mon Sep 18 12:27:52 GMT 2000

The problem with samba not adding its entries is that the ldap tree structure has not be configure correctly
for samba --- most likely.

Samba needs these entries in the base of the ldap tree:


Now you should be able to add entires.

I'm using tng-2.6 branch of the code and it works great....

Also there is some perl migration scripts for migrating users into ldap if you are interested in them:

I'm also using pam_ldap and nss_ldap through stunnel from padl.com and that also works great for my UNIX users.

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>         Temat:  SAMBA-LDAP... PLEAASE HELPP!
> Please help me...
> I was trying to authenticate a WinNt into Solaris 7 as 
> pdc, using Samba 2.1.0 Pre-alpha (Head) and OpenLdap 
> 1.2.9 for storing passwd an usernames.
> I was following the HowTo by Ignacio Coupeau but it 
> doesnt work for me.
> My problem is that all goes right until i try to use 
> smbpasswd, then i get an error...
> I have added all classes and users /etc/passwd and 
> Ldap database, but can´t do it with smbpasswd....
> Another question is: How i encrypt the users passwords?
>         It's not you. Samba finds proper fields in samba account
>         object and fills'em up. So, if I remember well,
>         standard password field setting doesn't affect
>         samba authentication process and samba passwords.
> And what are Rids, and Sids?
>         These are:
>                 Relative Identifier (the former)
>                 Security Identifier (the latter)
>         SID is the NT style global identifier. Something like
>         UID on the Unix systems. While UID is the 16 bit number,
>         SID is a structure (containing numbers of course).
>         RID is "local scope" identifier. It's related
>         to the current system/domain only.
>         This is quite simplified view, but I think it clarifies
>         the problem a bit.
>         Rest of the samba ntdom list members: Correct me if I'm wrong,
>         not enough precise or forgot something wrong, please !
>         I'm just a human, not Samba-team member and I learn
>         something new everyday :-)
> greetings
> Rafa?
> Please if you have any experience with this let me 
> Know..
> Lots af thanks in advance...
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