paco cornejo impaco at
Mon Sep 18 08:27:50 GMT 2000

Please help me...

I was trying to authenticate a WinNt into Solaris 7 as 
pdc, using Samba 2.1.0 Pre-alpha (Head) and OpenLdap 
1.2.9 for storing passwd an usernames.

I was following the HowTo by Ignacio Coupeau but it 
doesnt work for me.

My problem is that all goes right until i try to use 
smbpasswd, then i get an error...

I have added all classes and users /etc/passwd and 
Ldap database, but can´t do it with smbpasswd....

Another question is: How i encrypt the users passwords?

And what are Rids, and Sids?

Please if you have any experience with this let me 

Lots af thanks in advance...

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