Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Sep 18 00:41:03 GMT 2000

Luis wrote:
> Hi
> dou you know any samba-tng-alpha.2.6.rpm
> for redhat6.2?

No. Given the prealpha nature of the code and the number of optional
extras, it's probably wise to use the source and have the code compiled
and optimised for you own workstation.

> but programs like smbpasswd to create smbpasswd file do not appears?

This is because smbpasswd is no longer used. User samedit instead. Check
out the man pages or Lars Kneschke's FAQ for details.

> Should i wait for samba3.0? when will it get out?

The Samba team is working on this as we speak. I believe Samba 2.2 will
be an intermediate step.



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...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

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