stable nt4 srevice pack for Samba-TNG

ISM Kolemanov, Ivan i.kolemanov at
Sun Sep 17 13:16:42 GMT 2000

hi all

I have to prepare Samba PDC,
with 2.0.7 i have some really strange problems
which doesnt seemed to be with tng, 
but in the moment I can test it only with win2k,
which is not really good I have to make PDC for NT4 :(

can anybody point me which service pack for nt4 
is the most stable with samba tng 2.6 and 2.5.3 ?

also which of the tng version is the most stable as PDC?
(I know that it is pre alpha and not for production use :)

10x in advance,
Ivan Kolemanov

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