Permission Denied

Eric Pilger pilger at
Sat Sep 16 00:24:49 GMT 2000

I have just switched to pre-3.0.0, and the group permissions have
stopped working. It now appears to give you only the permissions that
accrue to the user or your primary group. If you are not the owner,
would be denied permission as other, but have permission as some
secondary group, then you won't get access. It is a problem for both
directories and files.

I thought it might be a result of my move to Solaris 8, but I ran on a
Solaris 7 machine and the problem is still there. The original 2.0.5a
does not is still running, and does not have these problems.

The log files are little help. Even at high log levels, smbd appears to
get as far as opening the offending item with EUID set to the user and
EGID set to the primary group, and then returns "Permission Denied" on
the open call.

Any clues.....

Eric J. Pilger

Systems Administrator

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology/SOEST

pilger at


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