Netbios Proxy ?

Chris Jasper c_jasper at
Fri Sep 15 21:56:52 GMT 2000

I have a remote location to our main office connected
through a vpn tunnel to our main office. We currently
are running a FreeBSD box with Samba 2.0.7. We are
currently using Samba to proxy wins service to our
wins server in our main office (NT 4 server sp6). How
do we proxy Netbios?

If I understand correctly (quite possible that I
don't), when a user logs into a nt workstation at the
remote station the login, password, and domain info
gets broadcast to the PDC or BDC through netbios. the
users at the remote location are currently not able to
log on to a system that they hadn't logged on to
before they moved to the new location--getting a
message saying the domain "domain" could not be found.

Any ideas?


Chris Jasperc_jasper at yahoo.comwk:408-830-2087cell:408-499-8275fax:707-667-1260

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