The box shows up on a browse list, but I can't access it

Brian Boguhn boguhn at
Fri Sep 15 18:24:18 GMT 2000

Hi all,
I've installed Samba 2.0.3 onto a box running Solaris 2.6.  I created an
account for the box in our NT domain using Server Manager, then added the
box to the domain using smbpasswd.  I configured smb.conf to use domain
authentication.  I go to Explorer, and I can see the box, listed as a Samba
2.0.3 box, but when I click on it to access it, I get the following:

Incorrect or unknown username for \\<system name>, and it prompts me for a
username and password.

I've tried my Unix name on the box, I've tried root, I've re-entered my NT
credentials, and this is still what I get.  My NT box can browse other Samba
boxes without issue.

Any ideas on what to try?  Thanks.

Brian Boguhn
Server Administrator
Entelos, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA
(650) 330-5235 (voice)
(650) 330-5201 (fax)

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