Samba as PDC, profiles and scripts

Eric Delaet eridel at
Fri Sep 15 09:15:17 GMT 2000


I have a SAMBA server as PDC.

I seem to have 2 problems.

1) I tried to use the "logon home" parameter. This works great, but only
for Win NT clients. Win 98 clients simply seem to ignore this parameter.
That's why I tried to put everything in a logon script with "logon script
= logon.bat". 
The logon.bat contains NET USE H: /HOME.  The script gets executed by the
98 clients, but again, the mapping only works for the NT clients.
An interesting fact is that when I try to type NET USE H: /HOME in 98,
when I'm logged in, the H: DOES get mapped.
Any solutions for mapping homedrives at login time with 98 clients?

2) Profiles are "roaming". When I specify the logon path, profiles are
copied, ofcourse, to that path. When I uncomment this parameter, profiles
are copied to the users home drive.
But I don't want roaming profiles, since there are too much users,
there's not enough room on the server and especially, not enough bandwith.
I was able to disable roaming profiles by adding
logon path =
in smb.conf, but is this a good idea?

Thanks a lot!


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