It used to work!

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Thu Sep 14 12:58:18 GMT 2000

One possibility would be if they reloaded your workstation, you will need to
be removed and re-added to the domain (ala "smbpasswd -x workstationname;
smbpasswd -a -m workstationname", then add the WS to the domain from the
Network Applet).

The reason for this is that each time you load NT WS/Server a new SID
(Station ID?) is generated for your WS.  (From what I Understand) This SID
is used to negotiate communication, and identify all communications from
your workstation (part of NT's security structure.)

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3 months ago I installed Samaba 2.0.7 on our companies Sparc E250 and
everything worked flawlessly. We use NT clients and servers with the
exception of a couple of Macs and the Sparc. 
I was laid off for a week, and when I returned, Samba doesn't work for me
anymore but it does for others. What could be happening? I'm at a loss here,
but I know it's something easy.
Can anyone help?

Jeremiah Bascue
Web Server Administrator / Coder
Communi(k), Inc.

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