Samba as PDC, IIS-Authentication

Thomas Uttenthaler tom.uttenthaler at
Thu Sep 14 15:18:29 GMT 2000

Hello Samba-List,

I have a Linux- an a NT-Webserver
I have been working on getting Samba running as PDC for my NT-Server.
I have now joined the domain, authentication works, when I login
directly (or via a remot-admin-utility) on the NT-Box.
But when I login into the IIS-FTP-Server, the user is still authenticated
against the local user-database. When I delete the local user, login is not
possible anymore ...

Is it possible that the IIS authenticates the users against the Samba PDC?

Samba 2.07, SuSE Linux 7.0
NT 4.0 SP 6a german, IIS4

thanx for any hints
Thomas Uttenthaler

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