Incomplete domain user list

Christophe Merle Ch.Merle at FH-Wolfenbuettel.DE
Thu Sep 14 14:14:50 GMT 2000


We have a Samba Server 2.0.7 (running on a Solaris 7 system) as PDC for
NT 4.0 Machines and have the following problem: New added
Samba Users can log in and use shares from NT-Clients but remaining
invisible in the "domain user list" of NT. This user list can for
example be displayed under NT with the dos-command "net user /domain".
This is a problem when you for example want to give Administrator
privileges to a user, the NT admin tool displays an incomplete list of
users in the current domain and it's also impossible to add the desired
user in the Administrator list. These incomplete user list causes
several other problems with administration software using this user
I have readed that this problem can be caused by inconsistencies in the
smbpasswd (Also a user that exists in the smbpasswd but not in the
/etc/passwd). I have wrote a script to check the consistency of each
user und "thrusted machine" account in my smbpasswd and not found any
problem. After many days of investigation i have found something very
I have deleted all "thrusted machine account" from smbpasswd and left
only the around 400 users in it. Each user can log in and use share from
NT-Clients, but when I execute the command "net user /domain" the user
list displayed contains only !! 250 users !!. I first thought the user
251 is inconsistent and I have immediatly deleted him from smbpasswd but
the NT user list still contains 250 users. I think this is the source of
my problem. Probably this problem is caused by a part of samba that has
not been yet properly implemented.
Our samba system work in a production environment so whe have a big
Problem with it. And the Problem is about to become a disaster when we
will add soon other 2000 Thousand users on your system.
Is this limitation a known problem?
Know somebody this problem and eventually a work around to bypass it?

Thanks for Help

C. Merle
ch.merle at
University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbuettel

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