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rszczesniak at wrote:
> I had same problem (some time ago).
> Such error occurs, because stable Samba (2.0.7) doesn't support user and
> group name mapping.
> To make use of these params, you have to use Samba HEAD or Samba TNG 
> unstable).

> They are not necessarily unstable but alpha quality software, this means
> that they may work well with certain configuration and not work at all
> with others, as the current situation is.

Yes, of course. I meant "status: unstable", when I wrote this. I 
use combination head/tng branch in my mini (2 computers) network, and it 
just fine.

1. How can I change root password from samedit ?
2. Does changing unix file permissions/ownership work from nt side ?
3. Can I set trust relationship to other nt domain ?

Except of these, I don't have significant problems.

> Some people use TNG in production environments, others are unable to
> ever compile it, just give a try if you really can't stay with these
> feature, but carefully test before putting in a production environment.

> As far as I know, support for mapping names is not yet implemented in
> stable Samba.
> Domain NT FAQ on touches Samba HEAD, mostly.

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