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> > > > You cannot use Samba 2.x as a PDC for WinNT /Win2k
> Samba 2.0.7 will work as a rudimentary PDC for NT4.x
> > Add: EnablePlainTextPassword and set dword to 00000001  The 
> latest samba 
> > dist includes this as a reg file, so the book says.  Eoin, if 
> you get it 
> > working, please let me know, thanks!
> Eh?  PDC functionality REQUIRES encrypted passwords.  Disable
> encrypted password, and Samba won't be a PDC for NT4.x.  Samba
> 2.0.7 will NOT work as a PDC for WinY2K in any case.

Ok, I just tested Windows 2000, logging into 2.0.7 PDC domain, and it

I know people have said it doesn't, but I did just this minute!! I
didn't change the passwords encryption, didn't change my smb.conf
(from when I used it for NT logons), the only thin I did do was an
upgrade to Windows 2000 from NT (as opposed to a clean install). So
at the CTRL/ALT/DEL login, I put in my samba user/pass/domain and
away she goes.

just thought some would like to know

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