Win98 Shutdown problems

Johan Östensson johan.ostensson at
Thu Sep 14 05:44:56 GMT 2000

I had thid problem with a client a few months ago on a HP laptop. It turned
out to be problems with the powersaving features of win98. With everythinh
disabled it it worked as it should. Problem was that on a laptop those
features could be useful sometimes...


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> Ämne: Re: Win98 Shutdown problems
> Alex King wrote:
> > This shutdown problem is a serious problem for me, I'd be 
> willing to put
> > significant effort into fixing it (even looking into the 
> code)  I realise
> > that the problem is likely be Win98 more than samba, but if there is
> > anything I can do to work around it I need to do it.
> > 
> You can't look at the code. Windows 98 is a closed source 
> product. There
> are a number of issues with Windows 98 not shutting down, try 
> installing
> all of the relevant Microsoft patches. This is not a Samba 
> problem, but
> a problem with your client. Apparently setting the "Assign IRQ to VGA"
> option in the CMOS helps.
> Matt
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