OpenLDAP2.0.1/SAMBA schemas

Brandon brandon at
Wed Sep 13 23:21:47 GMT 2000

>I am currently running a samba-ldap domain with mixed nt/98 workstations
>(about 50), with the oct 1999 ldap HEAD cvs code.  I am using ldap 1.2.9 and
>am looking to update this system but am unsure about compability with ldap
>2.1 and samba.  I am more than willing to test configurations and work, just
>out of the loop.

To get openldap-2.0.1 to work with samba.  2.0.1 requires schema files for eveything
and as far as I know, no-one has written schema files for the old schema.  The nt5
schema is included in the ldap 2.0.1 schema dir but it needs some conversion to get
openldap to load it (it has single quotes around all of the OIDs which openldap doesn't
seem to like).  I've managed to get basic authentication to work with the old schema but
haven't really had much time to create a proper schema file that works.  

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