OpenLDAP2.0.1/SAMBA schemas

Nathan Sain njsain at
Wed Sep 13 22:03:03 GMT 2000

I hope no one minds if I chime in with a few questions. It has been several
months since i have monitored this list, but to me it appears:

The HEAD brance as apposed to the TNG brance is the main focus for ldap

What is the current status of the HEAD ldap support; is it better than TNG's

Are you using the nt5 schema (I can't remember where I found it, tho I
beleve it was on the samba-ldap-howto)?

I am currently running a samba-ldap domain with mixed nt/98 workstations
(about 50), with the oct 1999 ldap HEAD cvs code.  I am using ldap 1.2.9 and
am looking to update this system but am unsure about compability with ldap
2.1 and samba.  I am more than willing to test configurations and work, just
out of the loop.

Nathan Sain

> Ross Davis wrote:
> > 
> > Lo all,
> > 
> > Has anybody translated the ver. 1.2 schemas to ver. 
> > 2.0.1 schemas? Assuming somebody has, I'd appreciate 
> > greatly if they would send them on and maybe any 
> > additional schemas that might be useful for Samba TNG2.6!?
> We (myself and Jean Francois, et. al) are currently working 
> on providing stable LDAP support in HEAD.  Stay tuned (and feel 
> free to chime in).  The plans are to come up with the initial
> design andthen post to samba-technical for comments.
> Cheers, jerry
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