Samba on Cobalt RaQ2 and NT

samba at samba at
Wed Sep 13 15:44:04 GMT 2000


I got Samba going on our Cobalt RaQ2 by following directions at the link 
below, I got it to show up in my network neighborhood on my NT 4 (on the 
LAN), but I just couldn't get it to accept the permissions. I did the both with '0' and '1' but it still doesn't recognize the 
username or the password.

Does anyone know how I can possibly get over this last step ? I tried the 
"admin" username and "password", I tried setting up a new user and 
password, it just won't let me in. Here is the link I used to get my 
information to set it up on the cobalt:

Thanks in advance,

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