What the ding dong is going on??

Sami Siuruainen sasiuru at almamedia.fi
Wed Sep 13 08:06:47 GMT 2000

Hello from Finland;

	I get that "Execution Failed" also, approx 30 mails have come
	since 10:11AM (EET). I have send a notification to the server
	root and notified about error message. I guess he/she is doing
	something to fix it up.

	Sami Siuruainen
	Internet Program Designer
	Almamedia Net Ventures, Finland (http://www.almamedia.fi/)

Dale Llewellyn Roblin wrote:
> Is this happening to everyone or just me: I get about 1 message a minute
> with the follwing subject and sender:
> Subject: Execution failed
> Sender: uucp at rage.so36.net
> Body:
> > Message from UUCP on gosh Wed Sep 13 09:10:54 2000
> >
> > Your execution request failed because you are not permitted to execute
> >         rmail
> > on this system.
> > Execution requested was:
> >         rmail ths
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