paco cornejo impaco at
Wed Sep 13 06:51:39 GMT 2000

Hi members of Samba-NtDom mail list...

If my project doesnt work soon i think the only way is 
the suicide, pleaseee help meee....XD

I have been checking all the instructions of the Samba-
Ldap-Howto written by Ignacio Coupeau, i think i have 
configured all as the Howto, but it doesnt work!!...

I think the problem may be that i cant encrypt my 
passwd because smbpasswd desnt create a "smbpasswd" 
file for storing the users an encprypted pass.ç

I dont know which is the correct order to create a 
I first use: useradd
Then: i make a ldif for the user and add it with 
finally: I try to use smbpasswd but i get an error 

How can i encrypt the passwd??

The rest of the installation i think is OK.

Im using Samba 2.1 pre-alpha and openldap 1.2.9.

All replys will be apreciated... Thanks!

P.D: Excuse my English.

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