Lame Samba Config Question (slightly OT)

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Wed Sep 13 00:07:23 GMT 2000

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> Subject: Lame Samba Config Question (slightly OT)
> Somewhere my Samba logic got stupid. What I want to do is make a share
> (actually about 3000 of them) such that when a given user browses to the
> server, they see all of the shares that I have given them access too,
> and NOT all 3000 of them (like what happens with home directories). I
> would think, logically that only the "valid users" would "see" the
> shares, but that's not the truth. I don't care if the "other" shares are
> merely hidden from users, but I hate have 3000 shares listed on a
> server, when a given user only needs access to 5 or 10 of them- At the
> same time setting browseable=no seems to make them ALL invisible, and
> that's no good either.
> Below is the config I'm using for these shares. The permissions are
> controlled at the filesystem level, so i'm not worried about other
> people getting INTO the shares... Any help would be appreciated.
> path = /zippyshare
> valid users = zippy
> writeable = yes
I have the same concern.  Not as many folders to deal with, but...

Anyway, I don't know of any NT option to hide those folders, other than the
share$ way of creating a hidden share.  you could create a login script that
uses the "net use" DOS command to map the folders to drive letters.  then
the shares would be there without your users looking for them.  I haven't
created such shares on a samba box, but it's worth a try.

A sample share might look like:
 path = /zippyshare
 valid users = zippy
 writeable = yes
 browsable = no

the batch file would include:


I eliminate spaces to avoid obvious problems.  appropriate permissions set
on the directory etc...

Let me know if this works.

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