...unsolicited oplock break...

hail narcissus gene_yee at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 12 06:09:06 GMT 2000

All this time reading of these problems and finally i have some input.  :)  
I had the same problem and if you are like me I blamed Samba also.

Turned out to be a flakey NIC on my Linux machine.  I setup wu-ftp on the 
Linux box and tried downloading from the server and to my surprise it still 
broke.  I suggest you do a similar test.  Good chance it is something 
besides Samba.

>From: michaelis <kum at germanynet.de>
>To: Samba-News-Liste <samba-ntdom at samba.org>
>Subject: ...unsolicited oplock break...
>Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 07:21:54 +0200
>i can't find a solution to the following problem. Samba works fine as a
>fileserver but sometimes, mostly when transfering large files (> 1Mb)
>it transfers the complete file (both directions, to and from the
>samba-server) and then it hangs for some seconds then comes an NT-Error
>(an unknown network-error occured. session closed). Checking the
>samba-side-log-file brings: unsolicited oplock break by PID and the
>complete, uncorrupted, transfered file is in the list of locked files.
>What is wrong in that case and what can i do against this.
>Greetings, kuMichaelis.

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