Two PDCs over VPN-Tunnel

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Mon Sep 11 15:36:07 GMT 2000


i'm planning to connect two private subnets via the internet (using
freeswan-ipsec on linux gateways (2* 256Kb-SDSL) for the vpn-tunnel).

the aim is to tunnel samba between the two nets.

on the one side of the tunnel ( A ) there is a NT-PDC-Box, on the other end
there wille be a SAMBA-TNG-PDC (2.6) (B)

still i have a lot of questions:

- AFAIK i do need a single WINS server for both nets to be able to see all
hosts in the network neighberhood.
  how do i tell the NT-box ( A ) not to behave as WINS?

- on both sides of the tunnel i will have different
domain/workgroup-names -> two pdcs...
  how will it be possible to grant access for "foreign" users (users from
net B) to a domain (in net A) and the other way round?
  where do these users have to authenticate?
- should i merge the two pdcs into a single pdc?
- in general: is cross-domain-browsing and -sharing possible?

- i prefer to keep two pdcs, because it doesn't make much sense to spoil
bandwith caused by roaming-profiles over the internet, etc.

so: how can user authentication be realized between two domains?

any ideas, howtos, help would be appriciated.

in the near future i might replace the NT-Box with Samba, so if you have
some proposals for a 2Samba-TNG-PDC-VPN, i would like to hear them.

Best regards,


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