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Mon Sep 11 09:21:15 GMT 2000

Matthew Geddes wrote:
> Hi,
> I realise that TNG and LDAP is not considered to be working properly.
> Can anyone tell me what is or isn't working? Or even what some of the
> values are for certain attributes (things like pwdMustChange)

I remember that we used:
pwdCanChange: 00000000 
for block the passwd changes in the classrooms....

I think this can help:

> typedef struct nttime_info
> {
>         uint32 low;
>         uint32 high;

> /* 64 bit time (100usec) since ????? - cifs6.txt, section 3.5, page 30 */
> - NTTIME is 64 bits.  documented in cifs6.txt (section 3.5 page, page 30):

typedef struct {
    ULONG LowTime;
    LONG HighTime;

TIME indicates a signed 64-bit integer representing either an absolute
time or a time interval.  Times are specified in units of 100ns.  A
positive value expresses an absolute time, where the base time (the 64-
bit integer with value 0) is the beginning of the year 1601 AD in the
Gregorian calendar.  A negative value expresses a time interval relative
to some base time, usually the current time.

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