repost: unable to write to a directory beneath a shared directory

Gerry Kirk gerry at
Mon Sep 11 13:05:08 GMT 2000

Samba 2.0.6, SuSE 6.1, Win95/98 clients, NT PDC

I created a Samba share with the following config:

browseable = yes
path = /home/org/30anniv
force create mode = 0777
read only = no

With this configuration, any new directories created under it have unix 
permissions set to 0755 and all files have 0777. The problem is that no one 
other than the owner can modify or create new files in this directory.

I then manually set the unix permissions to a subdirectory of anniv to 
0777. Still, no one can modify, create or delete files from a Win 95/98 
machine unless they are the owner of that directory.

Alright, I then added the following to the [anniv] share definition:

force directory mode = 0777

Guess what? This worked. What I don't understand, is that in the end, both 
approaches (manually setting vs. samba setting) generated the same 
directory permissions. Why didn't the first approach work?


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