samba, ldap, active directory, domains, and the serious need for a brew

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Sun Sep 10 12:56:32 GMT 2000

> Hayden Wimmer wrote:
> >
> > here it is....we need winnt 4, nt2000, unix, and linux. i want 1 username
> > and password for all resources.  this needs to work with nt 4's domain
> > structure, 2000 active directory, and unix.  the only idea i have is open
> > ldap on linux and use that as the validation for linux, and 2000 how do i
> > incorporate the other pieces. i can use nis but that doesnt fix win2k. 
> if
> > win2k is my pdc can i do all of this...someone please point me in the
> right
> > direction ...until then i will have to drink my frustrations
> >
> > hayden wimmer
> > super-geek

Yep. We all want the same thing (second only to wanting a Unix only environment).

I've been looking at Using Samba TNG as a PDC, having the one remaining NT box as a member
server (as well as various Windows Clients). We store Unix passwds in an LDAP directory and
each account will have a few extra attributes to allow Samba to store it's account info in the
same place. This makes writing web-based (or non web-based) admin tools really easy. The only
problems I have come across is the schema for LDAP and Samba TNG. I have followed the
destructions on Ignacio Coupeau's Samba TNG / LDAP HOWTO (can't remember the URL - I think Lars
Kneschke's FAQ has a link. A link to the FAQ is in my .signature) and have had a few problems.
The first being the password synchronisation thing. I have not yet successfully had passwd sync
happening with Samba TNG. I am assuming that it still works.

The other problem I have had is with a few of the attributes in the TNG schema. The problem
lies with the pwdLastSet attribute and pwdMustchange attribute. The problem is not necessarily
a Samba problem, but more than likely a user error (me being the user ;-)).

I haven't played with active directory at all and really hope I never have to. LOL.

I'd be interested to see what others have done to get this stuff working (or even mostly

Anyway, I gotta get up in the morning for work, so if you're still drinkin' them beers, have a
couple for me ;-).

Hope it helps,

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