samba, ldap, active directory, domains, and the serious need for a brew

Hayden Wimmer hwimmer at
Fri Sep 8 20:29:24 GMT 2000

here it is....we need winnt 4, nt2000, unix, and linux. i want 1 username
and password for all resources.  this needs to work with nt 4's domain
structure, 2000 active directory, and unix.  the only idea i have is open
ldap on linux and use that as the validation for linux, and 2000 how do i
incorporate the other pieces. i can use nis but that doesnt fix win2k.  if
win2k is my pdc can i do all of this...someone please point me in the right
direction ...until then i will have to drink my frustrations

hayden wimmer

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