Can't mount NT filesystem unless root

Ho-Kuo Chan hchan at Matrox.COM
Fri Sep 8 20:43:28 GMT 2000

    I am trying to mount a directory on an NT Server on my Linux machine
(Debian potato Linux kernel 2.2.17) using Samba. I have tried the
smbmount //theServer/theDirectory /mnt/theDirectory -o
username=myUsername workgroup=theWorkgroup.
This works when I am logged in as root, but I can't mount as a user. I
have also tried adding the follwing to fstab:
//theServer/theDirectory /mnt/theDirectory
defaults,ro,user,username=myUsername,workgroup=theWorkgroup,gid=100 0 0
with no success. Is it possible to use smbmount as non-root? I have read
the FAQ's and checked some of the archives with no success. Thanks for
you help.

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