name resolve problem

c.misfeldt at c.misfeldt at
Fri Sep 8 16:14:34 GMT 2000

Some time ago I set up a samba/netatalk server to share files files from our
NT-network with
one MacIntosh workstation. The samba version is 1.9.18p10 (...which is not quite
new but worked
up to now). Mac and our NT network  are connected to the linux box each having
their own
network adapter.

Recently we added a third network adapter to this server to connect a Win98 PC
to the Linux
machine. Since then sometimes it happens that the samba server isn't reachable
from the
network. When it is pinged "by name" the name is resolved to the ip-number of
the Win98 box.

This is how the linux server is configured:
wins support  = no
wins server = 172...
interfaces = ip/netmask(1) ip/netmask(2)
All ip-numbers and routings are static

Does anyone have an idea how this can happen? Should I update to a newer version
Samba? (...all I need is a plublic share that is writable from the net...)

In advance...

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