Where to get TNG

J.L.Gilmour at exeter.ac.uk J.L.Gilmour at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Sep 8 14:59:26 GMT 2000

> 	I keep hearing about the samba TNG code, and how the
> documentation, PDC support, etc. is better. So, is this in the cvs
> repository? How might I obtain the TNG source to attempt to build and work
> with it? I do realize that it is not considered useable on production
> systems.

Yep, the code is in the CVS repository. I forget the password, otherwise
I'd give you instrcutions.

As to not being suitable for production systems, we're using it live now -
around 300 undergrads use it to access filespace and to authenticate NT
logins. It seems pretty good for an alpha system.


p.s. I can highly recommend O'Reilly's Using Samba book
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