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he standard smb.conf configuration as set up by the CIFS/9000 samba_setup
script sets the parameter "password server = *" when "security = domain".
This tells the server to search for a PDC or BDC using WORKGROUP<1C> and the
name resolve order, then attempt to authenticate from the resulting list.


I have found the problem. The following informtion is what I found out.

The smb.conf has "password server=IPaddress".  Since the CIFS/9000 server
wants to talk NetBIOS, but it is given an IP address, it is either resolving
the IP address to a non-NetBIOS name (DNS - which is what W2K uses), or the
IP address is allowing it to connect directly to the Windows 2000 password

The key here is that the Windows 2000 password server can have a computer
name that is different from its NetBIOS name.  If the IP address is resolved
to the computer name, and NOT THE NetBIOS NAME, the computer name will be
invalid for the Windows 2000 domain, and the cli_net_req_challenge will be

Since we are using the computer IP address for its password server, I
that this is using the computer name to set up the connection with the
CIFS/9000 for the authentication of the user connection, and *NOT* the
NetBIOS name of the W2K server.  By changing back to "password server = *",
or the W2K NetBIOS name, they should then authenticate against the W2K

The smbpasswd file (in /var/opt/samba/private) is not neccessary when
"security = domain", and should be removed at this site.  The server will
try smbpasswd if no PDC/DC is available, but managing the file is too

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What is the computer name of the machines involved?

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...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

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