map nt groups to unix groups

Andrea Zolnhofer & Michael Ott ZolnOtt at
Thu Sep 7 18:42:04 GMT 2000

hallo christian!

with whitch version do you work. you must use an tng-version, but i
don´t know, with whitch one does it work.


"Hirsch, Christian, SI" wrote:
> Hello
> I try to map ntgroups to unixgroup in a username map file.
> But it does not work. A Nt-user who is member of an ntgroup which is mapped
> to a unixgroup which has rights to access a specific directory can not
> access this directory. If a add the user additionally to the unixgroup ( add
> the username in the file /etc/group to the specific group) it works.
> I read this in the docu:
> Each of the entries in the username map file should be listed as follows:
> the Unix username, followed by an equal sign (=), followed by one or more
> whitespace-separated SMB client usernames. Note that unless instructed
> otherwise, (i.e., a guest connection), Samba will expect both the client and
> the server user to have the same password. You can also map NT groups to one
> or more specific Unix groups using the @ sign. Here are some examples:
> jarwin = JosephArwin
> manderso = MarkAnderson
> users = @account
> Can I map ntgroups to unixgroups ? Or must I organize my file /etc/group
> with each username behind the groupname ?
> Thank you very much
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