What the hell???

Ken Barber kenb at nwcc.edu
Thu Sep 7 15:43:54 GMT 2000

Jeremy Winn wrote:

> I am running Samba 2.06 and NT 4. Even though I have Samba 
> set up as a =
> BDC when I boot up NT Samba comes up as PDC. Then when I open 
> up User =
> Manager for Domains It gives me an error message saying "A remote =
> procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred." What does this 
> mean. What =
> can I do to fix it. If C-4 explosive is involved thats ok! I 
> am ready to =
> blow up to.=20

You cannot possibly have Samba set up as either a BDC or a PDC under 2.0.6
because neither that version, nor the current version (2.0.7), nor the next
one coming out any day now, will support PDC/BDC functionality.

You're getting the RPC error because Samba doesn't have any code to support
that RPC.

If you want to use User Manager for Domains, you'll have to play with Samba
TNG.  The last TNG code that we downloaded here (about two weeks ago) ALMOST
worked with User Manager for Domains.

But I can't help wondering:  why use Loser Manager at all?  Linuxconf (or,
if you have RedHat, Userconf) is so much easier, faster, and more

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