Samba-TNG 2.6 PDC Administration with W2K

Ken Barber kenb at
Thu Sep 7 14:53:32 GMT 2000

Tobias Manthey <tmanthey at> wrote:

> Btw.: The informations of how to set up samba-tng that come with the
> original tar-ball arey kinda sparse. (Or I was to stupid to 
> find em? :-o )
> I am sure future users would love to see at least some links 
> to further
> informations. ;-))

I believe I saw, somewhere in the docs with TNG, a plea for volunteers to
write documentation... 

perhaps you can volunteer....  

I shall do so myself if I ever understand TNG enough to tell others how to
use it!

Ken Barber
Network Admin
Northwest Christian Collge
Eugene, Oregon USA

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