logon scripts

Nelson C. Garcia garcian002 at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Sep 7 04:52:47 GMT 2000

Here's the best example I have found:

----- begin quote

rem Default logon script, create links to this file.

net time \\bioserve /set /yes
@echo off
if %OS%.==Windows_NT. goto WinNT

net use k: \\trillion\bio_prog
net use p: \\bcfile\homes
goto end
net use k: \\trillion\bio_prog /persistent:no
net use p: \\bcfile\homes /persistent:no


--- end quote

All credit should go to David Bannon at the following URL:

The scripts will be run as a batch file by Windows, therefore each line must
end on a CR+LF combination.  I recommend editing the script using a Windows
text editor and then moving it to the [netlogon] share.  While you are at
it, run the script from the Windows command prompt in order to test it.


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     I am new to the list and just inherited a domain with a linux box
     running Samba 2.0.6 as a PDC.  I am wondering if anyone has any domain
     logon scripts for machines or for individual users I can see as an

     Thanks Greg

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