DHCP PC cannot access Samba Server

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Thu Sep 7 01:35:38 GMT 2000

Luo Hua Ping wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a SPARC 10 running solaris 2.6 as Samba server and a PC running
> WINNT 4.0 as client. When the PC uses the fixed IP address, it can
> access the SPARC10. But when I change it to use DHCP, the PC cannot
> access the server. I got such warning message:
> "The chjs10 is no accessible.
> The network path is not found."

Your smb.conf also had a hosts allow = line in it. Is that set to the
Dynamic IP address of the NT box?

It could also be the WINS settings.


Matthew Geddes
Network Manager
Xavier College
Gawler, SA

...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

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