What the hell???

Hayden Wimmer hwimmer at bakerref.com
Wed Sep 6 22:35:20 GMT 2000

not sure but check your o/s level in the conf file...can samba even be a bdc?  i dont think it does that.  also, i have never had the user manager work.  i have had the same error with no answer from the group.  solution, dont use usrmgr, command line unix....
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  I am running Samba 2.06 and NT 4. Even though I have Samba set up as a BDC when I boot up NT Samba comes up as PDC. Then when I open up User Manager for Domains It gives me an error message saying "A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred." What does this mean. What can I do to fix it. If C-4 explosive is involved thats ok! I am ready to blow up to. 
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