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I try to map ntgroups to unixgroup in a username map file.
But it does not work. A Nt-user who is member of an ntgroup which is mapped
to a unixgroup which has rights to access a specific directory can not
access this directory. If a add the user additionally to the unixgroup ( add
the username in the file /etc/group to the specific group) it works.

I read this in the docu:

Each of the entries in the username map file should be listed as follows:
the Unix username, followed by an equal sign (=), followed by one or more
whitespace-separated SMB client usernames. Note that unless instructed
otherwise, (i.e., a guest connection), Samba will expect both the client and
the server user to have the same password. You can also map NT groups to one
or more specific Unix groups using the @ sign. Here are some examples:
jarwin = JosephArwin
manderso = MarkAnderson
users = @account

Can I map ntgroups to unixgroups ? Or must I organize my file /etc/group
with each username behind the groupname ?

Thank you very much

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