Authentification via PAM AND smbpasswd

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Sep 6 02:14:21 GMT 2000

[olpa-samba at <olpa-samba at>]
> I want to authenticate users against the NDS via PAM and use samba
> TNG as a PDC.

Can't have both.  The problem is that as a PDC, Samba needs to store NT
password hashes and do its own authentication; it cannot use PAM,
whether that be pam_ldap or anything else, because PAM is not quite
flexible enough to allow for the necessary challenge-response from the
application side.

Basically, a PDC must have `encryption = yes'....

What you need is for Samba to use a direct LDAP or NDS lookup, and
store its own passwords in your NDS database.  This may be possible --
Samba does have *some* LDAP support -- but I have no idea how to go
about setting it up.


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