User Manager for Domains

Jnp jnp at
Tue Sep 5 22:51:13 GMT 2000

Hi list, this is my first question.  I inherited a Samba environment a few 
months ago, but the mailing lists were down, or I could not subscribe to 
them.  I have worked out most of my problems but still have a question.  I 
am running Samba 2.0.7 as a pdc, my workstations are NT4 clients.  When I 
go to User Manager for Domains, and click on the Administrators group, on 
the client box, so I can add the user as an Administrator of their own box, 
I can pick the User from the list, but then if I go back to the User 
Manager for Domains screen, it shows:
MYOC\Account Unknown   (myoc is my domain name)  I think the problem may 
have something to do with the password files, because once before, there 
were some users that were in the smbpasswd file, but not /etc/passwd, and I 
would not see any users in User Manager for Domains until I fixed the 
passwd files.  That's just a guess at this point though.
Also, is there a way to set up a main Administrator account so the admin 
could actually get into the hard drives of the users, to update software, 
etc?  I know you can set up an admin user to have access to all the samba 
shares, but can you do it so they can see the private shares (the user's 
hard drives).  I hear you can do that with an NT pdc, but I don't have an 
NT  domain controller, and don't really want one at the moment.  Thanks to 
all in advance!
-- John

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