Trust relationship between NT and Linux

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Tue Sep 5 22:22:57 GMT 2000

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> To whom it may concern;
> I'm running Samba on Linux  to a primary domain (NT).
> I keep getting error messages which reads: The trust relationship
> between this workstation and the primary domain failed.
> Can you lead me in the right direction of which files have to 
> be referenced
> to insure success?
> Many Thanx;
> 						Chuck Moore
> 						cmoore at   


I presume that the NT domain controller is a "real" NT box.

You have to get the Samba box to join the domain.

0.  Make sure that you have "security = domain" set in your smb.conf file
(it sounds like you already have this done).

1.  Go to the PDC, run Server Manager and add your Samba box's name to the
list of NT Workstations/Servers.

2.  Go to your Samba box, logged in as root of course, and enter:

	smbpasswd -j <whatever the name is of the domain you want Samba to

Restart Samba and everything should be fine.

Ken Barber 
Network Admin
Northwest Christian College
Eugene, Oregon USA

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