Broblem with accessing shares

Pazdnikov Alexander sasha at
Tue Sep 5 06:06:26 GMT 2000


  Does somebody know why when accessing a shared
resource on WinNt from Win95 everything goes OK. When accessing
a shared resource on Win95 from WinNT 'No access' message
  An access to the share is granted for a corresponding user in
both cases.


  With smbclient using in such a case:
     smbclient \\\\Win95_WS\\Share_for_user -U user
     smbclient \\\\WinNT_WS\\Share_for_user -U user
  everything works fine and access granted.

  All computers are in NTDOMAIN controlled by Samba-TNG-2.6

        Any suggestions ??? Very in need !

Alexander Pazdnikov

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