How to create Group Administrators and Administrator

Pazdnikov Alexander sasha at
Tue Sep 5 05:37:24 GMT 2000

Ross Davis wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't read your previous mails but I assume this is what you are
> looking for or at least it'll put you in the right direction. Hope you
> don't have this URL already :)

  Thank You very much! I haven't that URL. Very Impressive.
I'll think about using LDAP in our organization.
  But is there any way to manage users SID's using native
Samba files : smbpasswd, domain group map, domain user map
local map ??? Who to grant users different rights ???

  And also. Does somebody know why when accessing a shared
resource on WinNt from Win95 everything goes OK. When accessing
a shared resource on Win95 from WinNT 'No access' message 
 An access to the share is granted for a corresponding user in 
both cases.
	Any suggestions ??? Very in need !

Alexander Pazdnikov

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