Samba/NT Domain Logon Server

David Clark doclark at
Tue Sep 5 03:15:16 GMT 2000

I am attempting to use a Samba 2.0.3 installation to share several items on
a 99% NT network. After I set 'security = domain' and did the appropriate
things for the machine to join the domain, all of my windows clients'
passwords could not be validated by my PDC, which is an NT 4.1.

I then changed the 'announce version' to 1.5, in hopes that the Samba
machine would not win any sort of 'domain logon server' type election. That
seemed to clear the logons up for the windows machines after about 30
minutes. However, when I look at the nmb log file it still claims success on
become a logon server for my workgroup. When checking with the server
manager on the NT, it still listed itself as PDC. I have os level set to 0,
and domain master set to 'no.' I am at home right now, so cannot include a
copy of smb.conf. Any help would be appreciated!

David Clark
Winston-Salem Journal

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