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Mon Sep 4 18:02:21 GMT 2000

paco cornejo wrote:
> Hi, i'm a Spanish student, im trying to authenticate
> Windows 98/NT with a Solaris7 with Samba 2.1 pre-alpha
> which is supossed to have ldap support.
> I'm using OpenLdap 1.2.9 and I have some questions...
> 1.- Do I have to use a pam ldap module?

I Think the pam module is for authenticate users/shares not for PDC
With pam you can allow acces to printers/disks but the PDC stuff is
another thing.
The has a pointer to
pam-ldap docs.

> 2.- Do I have to create news classes for Samba users
> for Ldap?

Is not necessary, but some example added to HEAD howto explains an
example for samba-posix accounts, it may help.
I think you need ldap support for pam/posix accounts... also the
authentification via pam against ldap is supported in samba.

> 3.- How I have to configure Slapd.conf with Samba?
> 4.- And smb.conf?
the howto provides some examples.

> 5.- When I create a samba account using smbpasswd, i
> get an error message. (I've been folowing the
> installation instruction by Ignacio Coupeau, from the
> Navarra University)

the very first account yields an error if you don't have:

------ snip -------- 
objectclass sambaConfig 
In the slapd.oc.conf.

or you can test with:
bin/smbpasswd -a <user> -D 256

then, if the ldap stuff runs, you can see the negotiation with the ldap
server (also with slapd -d <nn>).

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