Samba and Openssl - I can't compile it again!!!

James Nord teilo at
Fri Sep 1 19:02:59 GMT 2000

mendes wrote:
> Hello
>         I have been trying to compile samba with ssl support for over a week.
> I tried soft links and whatever to get --with-sslinc to see the
> /usr/include/openss but the samba refuses to find ssl.h
>         I installed openssl-0.95a from official rpms.  There is no
> /usr/local/ssl or similar.  The headers are located at /usr/include/openssl.

>         Could someone give detailed instructions on how to compile samba with
> ssl support?

cd /usr/include/openssl
ln -s . openssl 
cd $your_samba_path
./configure --with-ssl --with-ssl-inc=/usr/include/openssl

>         Thanks a lot.
> Regards
> Eduardo
> PS. I received  the follwoing suggestion:
> make a link in $ssldir/include/openssl calles openssl that points to
> $ssldir/include/openssl (yes ;-) )
> but I have to be honest - I couldn't follow it.  If I have
> $ssldir/include/openssl, what is the point to link it to $ssldir/include/openssl
> ???

Some programs want to include ssl.h and not openssl/ssl.h.  making the
link in 
include/openssl allows you to compile these programs without adding both
include/ and include/openssl to your include dir.
(otherwise ssl.h includes openssl/*.h and then wont find these).  I'm
not sure if samba is one of these or not.  but it does no harm.


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