Creating Admin User fot NT

Jens Skripczynski jens.skripczynski at
Fri Sep 1 18:11:28 GMT 2000

Héctor José Montalvo Herrera:
> How do you make it?
> I am running Red Hat 6.1 and using Samba as a PDC.  I have been able to
You mean Samba TNG or 2.0.7 ? (The really have different things to use).

> > create user accounts and authenticate NT workstations to the domain.
> I can't make it, when I am running smbpasswd -j CITIMTY, I have this
> message:
Hm. You are running smbpasswd on your Linuxbox ?
The you would need to use "smbpasswd -a -m WINDOWSBOX$" to make a machine
account and then join the Domain with the NT Client via Network setup and
change the Workgroup TAB to Domain and enter the Linux Domain.
You should be able to join the Domain.


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