Creating Admin User fot NT

Jens Skripczynski jens.skripczynski at
Fri Sep 1 14:26:48 GMT 2000

Chad Nixon:
>   I am running Red Hat 6.1 and using Samba as a PDC.  I have been able to
> create user accounts and authenticate NT workstations to the domain.
> However, I cannot create a Domain Admin or Administrator user.  I have tried
> creating,, and file but Samba
> will process the smb.conf files after  enter in the following parameters
> 	domain group map = /path/
> 	local group map = /path/
> 	domain user map = /path/
> I get the error "Unknown parameter  "domain group map" encountered " running
> testparm Any suggestions would be appreciated
What samba version are u using ?

also see:

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